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Thai fruits: Many imports but hard to buy


In the first 7 months, imports of vegetables from Thailand increased sharply over the same period last year. However, in many local markets or supermarkets, the system of shops specializing in selling imported fruits, fruits of Thailand is quite sparse, inferior to imported fruit from other markets (? ).

A large supermarket in Hanoi sells many kinds of NK fruit but no fruit from Thailand.
                                               Photo by Nguyen Thanh.

Imports increase "dizziness"
According to the latest information from the General Department of Customs, as of the end of July, the country spent $ 854 million imports of vegetables and fruits, up more than 100% over the same period last year. Currently, Thailand is the market where Vietnam imports vegetables with the highest level of "dizzy". In the first seven months of this year, imports of fruits and vegetables from this market reached $ 517 million, a sharp increase from $ 163 million in the same period in 2016.
As a regular buyer of Thai fruits such as mangosteen, durian, longan, etc., Tran Thi Ngoc Huong (Cau Giay, Hanoi) said: Inland is much lower than other imports. "In addition, Thai fruits have a good quality, relatively stable quality so I feel comfortable using. For example monthong durian of Thailand, delicious food is easy to maintain, "Huong said.
Although Thai fruits are popular among consumers, in reality, the coverage of this product on the market is not large. Surveys at some supermarkets as well as the system of shops selling fruit NK such as Klever Fruit, Fresh Fresh, ... Thailand fruit is almost absent. Meanwhile, a wide range of products such as apples, grapes, pear, melon, tangerine, cherry ... originating from the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, ... are sold quite a lot, with prices ranging from Tens of thousands to 700,000-800,000 VND / kg depending on type, depending on size.
Presented at the supermarket Fivimart (Hoang Quoc Viet) in the late afternoon of August 15, Customs correspondent reporter found no Thai fruit appear on the stall. In addition to fruit NK average price (Apple 69,000 VND / kg, Fuji American 95,000 VND / kg, Queen New Zealand apples at 75,000 VND / kg, South Africa pear at 80,000 VND / kg, black grapes No US grain 269,000 VND / kg ...), the supermarkets sell a lot of domestic fruits such as Ninh Thuan red grapes, Hung Yen crayfish, Da Lat watermelon, Tien Giang citrus, Gia Lam pears (Ha Noi ) ...
Temporary entry for re-export?
Not only absent from the supermarkets, the system of shops specializing in fruit import but in many markets in Hanoi residents, the fruits are quite sparse in Thailand. According to some minor traders, the reason is because, the current fruits of Thailand such as durian, longan, mangosteen ... has been over the season, while the domestic fruit season, delicious.
NK large quantity that does not appear much in the market, so the fruits of Thailand enter and go? Asked this question with some experts in the fruit and vegetable industry, the correspondent of Customs received the same answer, most of the fruits of Thailand are temporarily imported and re-exported to third countries. There is a longtime expert in the industry, affirmed that more than 50% of the fruits of Thailand just imported into Vietnam have run straight to the border to re-export.
According to some estimates, most fruits in Thailand are imported and then re-exported to China. In the past, China was a major importer of fruit in Thailand, but because of the need to increase the range of fruit products in Thailand, Thailand was gradually focusing on quality, shrinking mass production, limiting exports to China. National. As the Chinese market is lacking, many Vietnamese traders are taking advantage of the opportunity, increasing the import of Thai products for export to China.
Although imported Thai fruits are not fully consumed in the Vietnamese market, domestic fruits have been, and will continue to be, increasingly competitive as Thai fruits are undeniable. In fact, the deliciousness of Vietnamese fruits is not inferior to that of Thailand. In order not to fall into more and more disadvantage in the "home", experts advised, Vietnamese fruit industry should organize for farmers to produce according to a standard process, based on that, build the brand Products, raise the value of products with stable quality, more attractive models. In addition, post-harvest technology, fruit preservation must also be invested properly, more model.




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