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SOLAS Container Weight Verification


SOLAS Container Weight Verification 

Dear Valued Customers,

Firstly, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your valuable support to Ecu Worldwide.

We, SOUTHERN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, wish to notice you a new convention called SOLAS (Safety of life at sea)

which will take effect on July 1, 2016. The new SOLAS requires the shipper named on ocean carrier’s bill of

lading has to provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for their shipment .

Please see the below guidelines for your good arrangement:

1. VGM requirement & rules

VGM is requested to declare for all packed export shipments or export containers. No VGM, No loading: to

comply with the IMO regulation, Ecu Worldwide will not load shipments or containers without VGM


2. VGM submission channel:

FCL: Shipper submit original VGM Form with stamp and signature for each container to port authority directly

and send Ecu Worldwide copy of VGM Form by email.

LCL: Shipper must submit original VGM Form with stamp and signature when deliver cargo to warehouse and

send Ecu Worldwide copy of VGM Form by email.

3. VGM cut-off time:

LCL: Shipper must submit VGM Form 4 hours (working time) before CFS closing time shown on booking


FCL: Shipper must submit VGM Form to Ecu Worldwide is 2 hours ( working time) before VGM Submission

time shown on booking confirmation or check with us in case missing VGM Submission time on booking


The charge will be your account if shipper require amendment VGM.

4. SOLAS Penalty charge:

Shipper take all responsibilities and pay arising charge for re-handling container ( trucking fee, lift on lift off,

re-weighing container, weighing of individual shipment… and /or hold cargo (DEM/DET, air charge at origin or

re- weighing at Port of destination …due to shipper declare wrong VGM.

5. CFS Closing time: As per instruction of port authority , Cargo have to deliver to warehouse before 12hours (

working time) before CY Cut-off. So we update new CFS Cut – off on booking confirmation. We will keep you

update if any change.

6. SOLAS Fee: Effective date July 15, 2016

SOLAS Admin fee: USD 15 / HBL

Weighing Fee: USD 3 / CBM (1 ton = 2CBM). It is applied in case customer miss to show VGM their cargo and

cargo must to deliver 12 hours compared with CFS closing time.

For LCL cargoes, here is the process for your cargoes delivery

1/ Shipper have to deliver cargo and submit Original VGM Formbefore closing time showing booking

confirmation. We will hold cargo automatically until next vessel If cargo deliver after closing time.

2/ Original VGM Form have to submit together cargo at gate in time. No VGM No Load. We will support to

receive cargo and weigh cargo if shipper have no VGM Form but they don’t take responsibility to catch up CFS

closing time and load cargo as planned. Shipper must inform us about no VGM of this shipment in advance.

3/ After collecting all of VGM Form of all shipments, We will submit our VGM Form to warehouse and proceed

to stuff cargo into container. Then we can require port authority to weigh our container to find out accurate

VGM. If the container weigh is exceed 5% of tolerance of VGM submitted previous, We proceed to get back

container and re-weigh individual shipments to find out which shipments submit VGM wrong. All charges/fee

will be shipper’s account declare wrong VGM.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your more concerns & requests.

We would like to thank you for your continued good support and co-operation.



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