Welcome to Southern International Co., Ltd. (SIC), we have been providing logistics services in Vietnam since 2003. We have been constantly working hard, trying to build our brand, quality, prestige and goodwill in the hearts of customers and partners. We have offices in Da Nang and Hanoi and HoChMinh. We always building good relationships with carriers/outsources. Beside that We are granted customs agent operation certificates, licenses from the Ministry of Transport, and other related international certifications such as: IATA, WCA… We have built a team of experienced staff who always give goods solutions for logistics field which meeting customers’ business requirements.

We always focus on training human resource, invest in software technology, construct infrastructure, fortify and expand good relationships with domestic and foreign sea/air carriers, partners in order to improve the value and quality of service, reduce competitive prices with other competitors. As a local company, we confidently develop logistics services supply strategy according to international standards, your import – export shipments will be consulted and supervised by us smoothly and on time from the port of loading to the port of discharge which suitable with slogan: “Your success is our success”.

In addition, we provide consulting services on special types of import – export FDI enterprises operating in Vietnam, contractors, goods import and export licenses, projects, customs guarantees, exhibitions, border transshipment, import – export tax refunds, certificates of origin, certificate of quality, … On behalf of the foreign goods’ owner, we deliver the specified goods, collect money and transfer payment. With the motto “Finding customers is hard and keeping customers is harder” and “Always changing will succeed”. We believe in effectively responding to your shipments in any requirements, hoping to cooperate successfully and effectively.

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