Thông tin dịch vụ

Cross-Border Transportation

Vietnam has a total border length of 4639 km with Cambodia-Laos-China. Realizing this is an opportunity for us to provide cross-border transportation services to many businesses expanding their supply chains to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia to diversify the supply chain. We see this as an opportunity for the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-China cross-border transportation services to develop more and more.

With many years of experience in logistics, we are granted an inter-transport license to transport shipments cross Vietnam through Laos, Cambodia, and China. We receive transport and provide goods transit services between Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – Cambodia, Vietnam – China for shipments from other countries to Lao, Cambodia transiting Vietnamese seaports or from Lao, Cambodia to other parts of the world. Thereby, we always meet all requirements of customers and consult multi-modal combination solutions to bring optimal efficiency to customers.

Services provided as follows:

– Multi-modal transportation: trucks, containers, trains cross Cambodia, Laos and China.

– All Conditions of Incoterms/Door to Door.

– Consolidation/Separation of shipments.

– Combining Sea – Air – Road Transports.

– Special types of goods (goods need temperature control, oversized/overloaded goods, dangerous goods).

Sea Transport

Sea freight is the transport industry possessing for the largest proportion in the structure of the freight rotation volume in Vietnam. Vietnam has the advantage of a coastline of nearly 3260 km stretching from the South to the North and is located on the main international maritime route through the “Bien Dong” and is one of the busiest routes in the world. From here, Vietnam’s sea freight is considered a dynamic economic field in the world. Through trade exchanges and the expansion of relations with countries around the world in the marine industry, the transportation of goods between Vietnam and other countries around the world are using sea freight increasingly.

With many years of experience in logistics, we have expanded relationships and are a reliable partner of many shipping lines in Vietnam. We can transport full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) from seaports in Vietnam to countries around the world and vice versa with many special types of containers: flat rack containers, refered containers, open-top containers, … and different types of goods: frozen goods, dangerous goods, oversized goods, project goods, … We always get competitive rates, peak season reservations, free demurrage and detention time at the port of destination in accordance with customer requirements.

With the border of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, we provide transport services goods between Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia; for shipments from countries to Lao, Cambodia transiting at Vietnamese seaports or from Lao, Cambodia to other parts of the world. As well as combining multi transportation for shipments needing to be transported between the South, Central,  North regions.

Our point of view is ” Finding customers and partners to use the service is difficult, keeping their trust in a long-term relationship is even harder”, so we are always interested in the requirements and standards that customers, partners aim for. We learn and consult customers, partners to choose the optimal solution suiting their shipping requirements. Our purpose is that making our customers, partners feel secure to focus on their production and business development.

Services provided as follows:

– All Conditions of Incoterms/Door to Door.

– Full Container Load (FCL)/ Less than Container Load (LCL).

– Consolidation/Separation of shipments.

– Combining Sea – Air – Road Transports.

– Special types of goods (goods need temperature control, oversized/overloaded goods, dangerous goods) corresponding with special containers (Reefer, Open Top, Flat Rack, Tank Container).

Air Transport

Air freight is a fast and safe mode of transport, meeting the needs of customers and partners for high-value shipments and fast delivery or receiving time requirements, often applied to items: fresh, perishable, urgent, high value goods, …

We have been licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and the Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association to operate air transport. In addition, our staff is enthusiastic, professionally trained with diplomas and certificates of customs agent staff. Therefore, we can advise shipments, as stated by the needs of customers and partners, offer solutions and carry out the transportation of shipments to/from Vietnam in accordance with the requirements of customers and partners about delivery/receive time and competitive freight.

With many years of experience logistics operating, we have established relationships with domestic and foreign airlines as well as partners in Vietnam to meet the shipments of customers and partners transported from Vietnam to countries around the world and vice versa. In addition, we can meet shipments via freighter, consolidate and always have bookings at peak season, provide door-to-door services, especially competitive freight and flexible payment terms.

Services provided as follows:

– All Conditions of Incoterms/Door to Door.

– Consolidation/Separation of Shipments.

– Combining Air – Sea – Road Freights.

– Special types of goods (goods need to control temperature, oversized/overloaded goods, dangerous goods).

Inland Transportation

With the length 1650 km of the S-shaped country, stretching from North to South, combined with a system of offices and transport partners in 3 regions: North, Central and South. We regularly consult and implement shipments combine road, sea, rail, air together to shorten the transportation time and bring cost optimization to users. At the same time, with the combination of 3rd partners, the fleet is diverse and professional. We are confident to meet the requirements of quantity, the ability to transport across Vietnam along with the 24/7 positioning system on each vehicle, ensuring that customers can closely monitor the route, accurate delivery time.

Services provided as follows:

 –  Transport across Vietnam.

 –  Transport by containers, trucks, trains.

 –  Door to door.


Southern International Co., Ltd is one of the agents of reputable couriers, specializing in providing domestic and foreign courier services by air and road. In order to help customers send, receive shipments with small weights, sample goods, personal goods, non-commercial goods, documents, special goods, … We always have bookings during the peak season of reputable couriers in the world.

Packing, Warehouse


Each different type of goods will have different packaging rules, when coming to Southern’s services, the goods will be classified according to each separate category and packed according to the standards of goods such as machinery, furniture, electronic equipment, pictures, fragile items.

Service Provider:

+ Services provided as follows.

+ Vacuum packing.

+ Tie goods onto containers.


2.1 General warehouse:

We are committed to providing the most propitious services for all types of goods in your logistics chain.

With convenient traffic location and are suitable for the storage and distribution of goods, materials, our warehouses chain system in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Eastern and Southwestern provinces.

Goods are safely insured, prevented from fire so customers can be completely assured when stored in our warehouse.

Providing professional services such as import- export management, inventory, distribution, loading and unloading, merchandise management, inventory report, tally, transportation, …

2.2 Bonded warehouse:

With many years of experience of customs declaration and being a customs agent in Vietnam, we will best support customers in renting bonded warehouses and customs declaration procedures. Our staff with customs declaration practice certificates can handle all arising situations related to customs declaration, help time and costs saving for customers.

The bonded warehouse services are provided for the goods as follows:

– Exported goods have completed customs procedures, are pending export.

– Goods of Vietnamese enterprises imported from abroad, waiting to be put into the domestic market, have not yet paid import tax.

– Goods of foreign goods’ owners who have not signed sales contracts for Vietnamese enterprises.

– Goods from abroad are in transit, stored in Vietnam for export to a third country.

– Goods which have expired for temporary import must be re-exported.

– Goods forced to be re-exported by authority.

Customs services

With many years of experience in logistics, especially we provide services for various types of processing, import material, prduce and export products, temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import, … we have enough experience to advise customers throughout the shipment process. Especially, customs regulations are constantly changing, that is the reason why customers need a professional team who can consult regularly. If you do not choose a partner with depth about these types, customers will have to worry a lot about liquidity at the end of the year.

Therefore, we are always the reliable choice of customers.

We are “Customs Agent”, as long as the customer signs an customs agent contract with us, we will do all the relevant documentations on behalf of the shippers to customs clearance for all types of import and export. Thereby, we perform the following services on behalf of the shippers:

– Using a customs account of Customs Agent to make cutsoms declaration.

– Paying import, export taxes and other charges related to the nominated import and export goods.

– Receiving and delivering goods as nominated by the shippers.

– Collecting money and paying for goods as nominated by the shippers.

We always bring professional, convenient service with high efficiency and cost reduction for customers. Service details are as follows:

– Customs clearance for all types of import and export such as business, processing, import material, prduce and export products, non-commercial, ….

– Apply for a certificate of origin: C/O form A, B, E, AK, AJ, AANZ, D, EUR1…

– The goods of temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import. Tax consulting, tax guarantee for each specific situation to save time and costs.

Apply for specialized licenses as request:

– Certificate of phytosanitary, Health Certificate for animal, Health Certificate for seafoods.

– Certificate of quality.

– Licenses of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communications, Minister of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Transport.