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The Southern Special Task Force of the Ministry of Industry and Trade surveys the reality of traditional markets in Districts 5 and 10

On September 15, the Southern Special Working Group of the Ministry of Industry and Trade inspected the epidemic prevention situation in District 5 and District 10; at the same time survey and check the actual operation of Hoa Binh market (District 5) and Nguyen Tri Phuong market (District 10), in Ho Chi Minh City.

Surveying and inspecting traditional markets and supermarkets in District 5

In the morning of September 15, members of the Special Task Force worked in District 5. Reporting on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in the area, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong – Secretary of the District Party Committee of District 5 – said: The implementation of strict control of social distancing with the principle of “who is where is where” in the district has made a significant change, the amount of traffic on the road has decreased compared to before the implementation of Directive 16, residential areas have also been tightened and people basically comply with the city’s requirements.

Along with tightening the distance, social security work such as ensuring food – food, essential services for the people, not leaving any people hungry are also implemented synchronously. In particular, only the work of “going to the household market”, basically the district has met the requirements of the people. Specifically, there are 30,418 households/ 38,440 households that fulfill the request of “go to the market” and every day the district meets 5,000/6,000 orders of the people. These orders are made through the system of supermarkets, convenience stores, essential sales channels of the district and the 14-ward supply team built by the district. However, since the city deployed the shipper to operate again, the demand for “shopping for households” has decreased sharply, with the number of orders from 500/day to 100/day (down 430% compared to the previous time). points from August 23 to September 7).

Information about the economic recovery plan after September 15, Ms. Truong Minh Kieu – Chairman of District 5 People’s Committee – said: Depending on the epidemic control situation, the district will carefully implement the contents of reopening the business. corresponding economic situation, ensuring flexibility,  following the actual developments at each time of anti-epidemic. In particular, the activities of enterprises and business households in the area will be supported in order of priority: Group 1 – large-scale production business units in the locality; group 2 – essential business, production and service units; group 3 – traders, doing business in traditional markets; group 4 – remaining manufacturing business units.

Ms. Kieu added that the district People’s Committee is developing a roadmap for economic recovery. Accordingly, phase 1, from September 16 to October 15, 2021. This is the testing phase, priority will be given to deployment in areas that ensure high safety such as wards 3 and 10; applied to group 1 and group 2, a part of group 3’s objects. During this period, the district will organize a survey on the resumption of operation of each specific target group, grasping obstacles to promptly remove them. overcome difficulties, help them gradually organize stable activities. In addition, the District People’s Committee will organize a mobile selling point for people living in green areas with a frequency of once a week, piloting at the Cultural Center of District 5, then will choose a point to organize for the ward. 3. At the same time, develop a plan to reorganize a number of traditional markets and food markets with cages and large campus areas such as An Dong, Hoa Binh, etc.

Phase 2, from October 15 onwards. This is the period when people in District 5 who received the second dose of vaccine after 14 days can participate in local socio-economic activities. Subjects of application are the remaining members of groups 3 and 4. During this period, the district will organize activities of traditional markets (food markets) to contribute to meeting the basic needs of the people. people. For the remaining markets, it will be based on the actual situation for appropriate implementation.

After listening to the report, the representative of the Working Group highly appreciated the activities that District 5 is implementing. However, for the reopening of traditional markets and supermarkets, District 5 also needs to consider the criteria to be able to gradually open according to a safe route. In addition, for businesses that are doing 3 on the spot, the district needs to know specific information such as whether the business’s supply problem is interrupted or not, from which to have a plan to support businesses.

Also in the morning, the Working Group directly surveyed the quarantine area, and at the same time surveyed Hoa Binh market during the period when the city was planning to gradually reopen, allowing the traditional market to reopen in the context of the situation. new normal scene; Visit and check the supply of goods of the distribution system (supermarkets, convenience stores, …) in the area of ​​District 5.

Check the actual situation of ensuring social security in District 10

In the afternoon of the same day, the Working Group continued to check the anti-epidemic situation in District 10; Field survey of mobile medical station, medicine cabinet of 0 dong, visit to Nguyen Tri Phuong market in District 10.

Reporting on the supply of goods in the area, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong – Chairman of the District 10 People’s Committee – said: District 10 has actively worked with supermarkets, convenience stores in the area and coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade to implement the supply of essential goods, food and foodstuffs to ensure that people can rest assured against the epidemic.

According to Ms. Huong, the District People’s Committee has directed the wards to set up a logistics team to supply goods to act as a focal point to coordinate with the economic department and supermarkets to supply goods to people through the method of “going to the market for households”. ” by ordering online. Deploy combos from supermarkets and convenience stores in the district for people to register their needs through channels such as: zalo, registration link … of the local; at the same time, organize online sales in 2 traditional markets; organize mobile vehicles in areas with few supermarkets, few convenience stores… Thereby supporting and implementing “shopping for households” for over 28,735 households.

For production and business activities, because the epidemic has seriously affected all aspects of socio-economic life in the first nine months of 2021, District 10’s economy did not achieve the growth rate compared to the same period last year. the value of goods and services sales decreased by 14.33%, the revenue of the tourism industry decreased by 86.27%, the value of industrial production decreased by 16.53%. To support businesses, the district now continues to create conditions for businesses to maintain production, without disrupting the supply chain of goods. Regarding the business support work according to the City’s plan, Ms. Huong said that the district will support in terms of credit, rescheduling debt repayment, loan exemption or reduction for businesses; Promote the program of banks connecting with businesses to stabilize prices, promptly remove difficulties and obstacles, and create favorable conditions for businesses to access new support policies of the Government. In addition, the district will support production and business, reduce costs and take care of workers’ lives; supporting market expansion, organizing investment promotion activities, supporting businesses to consume domestic goods…

Immediately after the meeting with the People’s Committee of District 10, the Working Group visited and encouraged the morale of medical staff at temporary emergency centers in localities. In particular, the Working Group went to check the situation of ensuring social security after receiving complaints about people in District 10 not receiving food, food and medical support. After the fact-checking process, the Working Group found that the above incident was not consistent with the report.

It is known that right after receiving information about the above case, local officials urgently provided timely support in cash and food and food for the people. To overcome the above situation, the Working Group proposed to localities to set up hotlines to support people in the area with essential goods.

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